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How GCC Chief Executive Margaret Coats tried to cover up a vote of confidence in former GCC chairman Michael Copland Griffiths

December 20, 2005

On the 12th of December I asked Margaret Coates if the rumour was true that members of the GCC had passed a no confidence motion in another member, because of unprofessional behaviour She responded that this “rumour has no basis of fact”. This rumour did “have basis of fact”, A vote of confidence did...

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GCC Chief Executive Margaret Coats looks after her friends; The test of Competency.

December 1, 2005

Rob Finch the chief executive of the College of Chiropractic told me in December 2005 that the GCC did not put the test of competency out for tender, but renewed Glamorgan’s contract. He wrote to the GCC in May expressing concern about this “Due process” Does anybody know how the GCC came to this...

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